Power Save Faronics Power Save eliminates computer energy waste by up to 50% without affecting productivity.

Creating operational savings through intelligent power management is a cinch with Faronics Power Save. This scalable solution works on both Windows and Mac computers to help you maximize your energy efficiency and magnify your savings. Plus the built-in reporting clearly demonstrates your results and your ROI.

Power Save Enterprise Faronics Power Save eliminates computer energy waste by up to 50% without affecting productivity...read more
Power Save for Mac Faronics Power Save is an enterprise-level intelligent power management solution for Macs...read more

Power Save Enterprise

Tight budgets mean that IT professionals are trying to stretch their dollars even further so we’ve got you covered. Faronics Power Save will bring immediate savings to your organization. It’s an intelligent power management solution that eliminates wasted energy and puts that money back into your pocket. Let’s say you have 1,000 machines at your organization. By reducing energy costs efficiently you can save £31,000 in the first year alone. Imagine what you can do with all that money!

This clever solution runs in the background without disrupting end-users or IT tasks. Faronics Power Save was designed with built-in intelligence to accurately determine when computers are inactive and ready to be powered down. It analyzes CPU, disk, network, keyboard, mouse, and application status data before it takes any action, ensuring your users aren’t interrupted in the middle of something important. As a double safety mechanism, it notifies users before acting and automatically saves open work.

It’s easy to manage enterprise-wide energy conservation with the built-in Faronics Core Console. You can easily schedule wake, shutdown, or restart events, as well as fine-tuning your configuration. Creating multiple Power Policies allows you to meet varying levels of demand and create the most aggressive power conservation plans for the right times and days to maximize your savings. When it comes to demonstrating rapid ROI, Power Save makes it easy with detailed energy use and savings reports based on local costs. It’s clear exactly how much you’re saving every day.

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