Mobile app for iOS and Android Freeze, Thaw and do more with your mobile phone

Freeze and Thaw

Manage Deep Freeze computers from the comfort of a mobile phone.

Scan QR Code

Scan computers using unique QR codes for each computer and perform on demand actions.

Push Cloud Agents

Push Cloud Agents on new computers using a mobile phone without having to carry installers on USB drives.

Secure Sign-in

Securely sign-in to Cloud Console without having to enter credentials on any computer.

Add Tags

Add tags on the go to organize your environment with general tag, location tag or a support tag.

Multi Platform Support

Use Deep Freeze Administrator mobile app on your choice of device running iOS or Android.

On Demand Actions

Perform Deep Freeze Cloud actions from the comfort of your mobile phone without logging into the Cloud website.

Other Maintenance Tasks

Set other maintenance tasks to idle time out or restart or shutdown at desired intervals.

About ITTree

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