Backup & Administration Easily backup SQL Servers and streamline day-to-day tasks with these must have products.

  • SQL Backup Status Reporter

    Determine which SQL databases have not had a recent full backup completed so you can take action.

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  • SQL Integrity Check

    Register databases and SQL Integrity Check will, on a regular basis, verify when the last known successful integrity check was performed. This helps identify any possible corruption early on so you can take action quickly instead of finding out a fix is needed after the corruption has grown even larger in scope.

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  • SQL Job Manager

    View SQL Server jobs and scheduled jobs across your SQL enterprise from a single console.

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  • Azure SQL Database Backup

    Using intelligent compression algorithms from our Enterprise SQLsafe backup product, Idera’s Azure SQL database backup provides state-of-the-art speed and compression.

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  • PowerShell Plus

    Experience PowerShell by example. Short tutorials guide you through basic concepts at your own pace.

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