Anti-Executable Anti-Executable keeps PCs safe by stopping sophisticated threats like zero-day malware.

Fill in the security gaps left behind by your anti-virus with the best application control solution available – Faronics Anti-Executable. Easy-to-use, it’s scalable to protect thousands of Windows PCs across your enterprise. Need to protect your severs from sophisticated malware attacks? It’s easy with Faronics Anti-Executable for servers.

Anti-Executable Enterprise Protect your endpoints with balance of flexibility and security using Faronics more
Anti-Executable Server Ensure your servers are protected at all times with Faronics more
Anti-Executable Standard Protect your identity and keep your computer safe from malware with Faronics more

Anti-Executable Standard

Faronics Anti-Executable keeps your computer safe by keeping the malware out. Between social networking and surfing the Web, you find yourself navigating through a sea of online dangers every day. How can you know who to trust and where the risks are hiding? Assuming incorrectly can have disastrous consequences, but now you can eliminate the guesswork with application control. By only allowing approved applications to run on your machine, everything else is stopped in its tracks. Whether its adware, spyware, malicious programs, or simply unwanted applications, if they’re not on the list, they won’t be allowed to run.

Take the risk out of online banking and shopping. Since you control what programs are installed, your computer is protected from greedy banking Trojans and stealthy keyloggers trying to steal your money. It reduces your risk of identity theft too. When combined with a good anti-virus program, you’ve got a solid security system on the job. Blacklisting technology protects you against the known threats, while whitelisting technology protects you from the unknown ones. It’s like milk and cookies.

Getting started is a cinch. Upon installation, the software automatically scans the computer for all the installed files to populate the control list. It’s easy to add or remove programs with a few clicks of the mouse. When protection is enabled, any unauthorized programs trying to run will be instantly stopped without disrupting your session. Security has never been simpler.

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