Anti-Executable Anti-Executable keeps PCs safe by stopping sophisticated threats like zero-day malware.

Fill in the security gaps left behind by your anti-virus with the best application control solution available – Faronics Anti-Executable. Easy-to-use, it’s scalable to protect thousands of Windows PCs across your enterprise. Need to protect your severs from sophisticated malware attacks? It’s easy with Faronics Anti-Executable for servers.

Anti-Executable Enterprise Protect your endpoints with balance of flexibility and security using Faronics more
Anti-Executable Server Ensure your servers are protected at all times with Faronics more
Anti-Executable Standard Protect your identity and keep your computer safe from malware with Faronics more

Anti-Executable Server

Servers are the backbone of your organization. Your network relies on them to store critical applications and enable sharing for your entire organization. If one of your servers is compromised, it can take down your whole network causing major disruptions to your business. Protect your network by protecting your servers with Faronics Anti-Executable – a simple application control solution.

By only allowing approved applications to execute on your server, Anti-Executable keeps malware out. Any unauthorized files – whether unwanted, unknown or malicious – are simply not allowed to execute. It’s easy to install and uses very little memory. Upon installation, it automatically scans the server to populate the control list. Managing the control list is easy and updates can be done on the fly.

Now you can be confident your network is protected at all times. No more sleepless nights or emergency phone calls at 4 AM. No more worrying about data loss from sophisticated malware attacking your servers. With Faronics Anti-Executable you can relax with better security and peace of mind.

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